Kate Moss had no idea infamous '90s 'naked' dress was see-through

Kate Moss had no idea her infamous "naked" dress would become so controversial.

In a new interview for British Vogue, the supermodel was asked to discuss 20 of her most famous outfits.

While reflecting on the sheer slip she wore to an Elite Model Management party in London in 1993, Kate insisted that she thought she was fully covered in the much-copied look.

"I did not know that this dress was see-through until the pictures came out the next day in the newspaper," she maintained. "It was the flash that made it look naked 'cause actually the fabric when I was wearing it, when I went out I didn't think it was that see-through. But, obviously, it was."

Kate sparked controversy after she was photographed wearing the outfit while watching Radiohead play at a pub in Camden.

"I mean, had I known I'd be talking about it 30 years later... good dress, good night," the 48-year-old laughed.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Kate spoke about her photoshoot for the 60th-anniversary issue of Playboy in 2013.

"Well, I met Hugh Hefner, I went to his house. I really liked him and he was there with his kids and a few of his bunnies and one of his bunnies took me round the house and gave me a tour and stuff," she recalled. "I met his secretary who'd been with him for like 70 years, they're just like a lovely institution or something, family vibes. I don't know, I really liked it, there was nothing like seedy or gross about it. It was kind of really playful."