Kate Moss’ daughter Lila praised for wearing an insulin pump on the runway

Lila Moss storms the runway at Milan Fashion Week 2021
Lila Moss storms the runway at Milan Fashion Week 2021. (Getty)

Kate Moss' daughter Lila Moss has been applauded on social media for wearing an insulin pump on the runway.

The 18-year-old model joined her supermodel mum Kate, 47, for the Fendi v Versace collaboration on Sunday, marking the end of Milan Fashion Week.

She stormed the catwalk wearing a Fendi jacket with beautiful gold embroidery and a stunning high-cut swimsuit.

But, fans were most impressed by the model visibly wearing an Omnipod insulin pump on her thigh.

People with Type 1 diabetes and parents of children with the illness took to Twitter and Instagram to praise the model for her "inspiring" catwalk.

It's not often that you see a model wearing an insulin pump. (Getty)
It's not often that you see a model wearing an insulin pump. (Getty)

One fan commented on her Instagram @lilamoss: "Thank you for wearing your insulin pump so proudly.

"Thanks for normalising Type 1 diabetes and the bits we have to wear on our bodies."

The parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes wrote: "My 9 year old was excited to see you wearing the pump loud and proud. Great job Lila and Versace for bringing awareness of Type 1 diabetes on the catwalk."

Another wrote: "It does so much to boost our child's confidence. Thank you."

An insulin pump gives people with diabetes a steady flow of insulin throughout the day and is used instead of injecting before every meal. It's normally worn on the thighs, stomach or upper arms.

There are approximately 400,000 people in the UK with Type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease which occurs when the body’s immune system destroys cells which produce the hormone insulin.

This means Type 1 diabetics have to take insulin, via injection or pump, in order to keep their blood sugar levels stable. It differs from Type 2 diabetes where the body does produce some insulin but not enough.

Representation is important because of the stigma associated with the disease.

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It's often referred to as an invisible disability because many people don't realise that a person living with the chronic illness might look healthy but still needs extra support.

Lila first revealed that she had the disease last August and clearly she doesn't think it's something to be ashamed of.

The Type 1 diabetes charity JDRF has also applauded her catwalk. It said: "This is such a wonderful, proud and positive statement for Type 1 diabetes.

"For so many Type 1 is a hidden condition, but in one fell swoop Lila Moss opens it up for all to see."

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