Kate Middleton's 'family unity' amid cancer diagnosis hailed 'extraordinary' by proud royal

 Kate Middleton .
Kate Middleton .

The Princess of Wales's 'family unity' following her cancer diagnosis earlier this year has been dubbed 'extraordinary' by Sarah Ferguson, who has applauded Kate for her 'bravery'. 

Back in March, the Princess of Wales took to social media to share a poignant video, following her absence from the royal spotlight.

In the moving footage, Kate was heard sharing that she had been diagnosed with cancer after she underwent "planned" abdominal surgery back in January and she confirmed that she had started a course of "preventative chemotherapy" treatment.

Having taken a step back from royal work to focus on her recovery, Kate hasn't been seen out on an official basis since Christmas Day 2023 and it's believed that she is focussing on her recuperation and spending time with family at Adelaide Cottage.

Now, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has opened up on how incredible the support of family has been for Kate during the tough time and shared her pride over the future Queen's bravery.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on June 5th, Prince Andrew's former wife spoke to hosts Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis about the Princess of Wales's decision to share her announcement video.

"Lovely Princess Catherine doing the video was so brave," Sarah, who has faced her own breast and skin cancer battles, said.

Pointing out how pivotal the love from Prince William and Wales children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as well as the Middletons and the royals has been for Catherine, she continued, "I think family unity is an extraordinary thing and I'm honestly just so proud and I just send them lots of love and lots of support."

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson

Sarah went on to touch on King Charles, who is facing his own cancer battle after a diagnosis earlier this year, and the work he has been doing to support other people with cancer.

"I am so, so proud of the King going to Cancer Research UK, and becoming the royal patron and going out there and talking to all these people," she said.

"It gives everybody that wonderful feeling that they are being listened to, and I thought that was very brave of him to do that."