Kate Middleton and Prince William 'won't meet Harry' on UK visit for 'very personal reason' – 'Even though he's reached out'

The Duke of Sussex looks set to return to the UK next month, but a source has claimed there are no scheduled plans for a meeting between Prince Harry and the Prince and Princess of Wales for 'a very personal reason'.

Harry will be in London to attend the Invictus Games 10th Anniversary Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8 but very few details have been revealed, including whether the Duchess of Sussex will join her husband in the UK and whether there will be any meetings between Harry and other members of his family.

“William and Kate are very consciously focusing on positivity and recovery,” the source told OK!

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The source has claimed there will be no meeting between the estranged family members -Credit:Getty Images

Harry is due in London early next month, but there are no plans as of yet to meet with him while he’s over. He’s reached out and sent best wishes, but a meeting might be a little premature," the source added.

“There are still deliberations over whether Meghan will join him with the children due to security reasons. If that happens, a meeting might be set up solely for the children’s sake, but it will be a long shot and not something William and Kate are focused on right now.”

OK! has contacted Kensington Palace for a comment.

After the Princess of Wales bravely shared the news of her cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry and Meghan sent their well wishes in a statement. They said: "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace."

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The Prince and Princess of Wales are understood to be focusing on Catherine's recovery -Credit:Getty Images

While a reunion may be hoped for by many, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond points out why now is not the best time and why the "kindest" choice Meghan could make would be to stay away from the UK for now.

"I think this is pretty unlikely that Meghan will join him at the service given Harry’s concerns about safety and the ongoing family tensions," Jennie told OK! "I don’t think her presence would make any reconciliation moves easier. I think she would, rightly, be nervous about the reception she might get from any public gathered outside the cathedral.

"This is not the time for either the King or the Princess to have to deal with family rifts. They have too much on their plates at the moment. So Meghan’s kindest gesture would be to send her very best wishes, but to stay away for now."

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Prince Harry launched the Invictus Games in London in 2014 -Credit:Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Harry launched the Invictus Games back in March 2014 at the Copper Box arena in London to celebrate injured servicemen and women and is currently in “government-level talks” to see them being hosted in the UK again after the British government launched a £26million bid to host the games in Birmingham in 2027.

The source adds that the 10th anniversary London service is being seen as a way for Harry and Meghan to start weaving their way back into public life.

“This event is being seen as a very important part of Harry and Meghan’s rehabilitation,” the source said. “It’s viewed as an important event that is almost on par with what a working royal would undertake."