Kate Hudson talks How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days sequel

A timeless classic, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days transformed Kate Hudson into rom-com royalty. Taking on the hilarious role of Andie Anderson – a journalist tasked with finding a man and driving him away in just a week and a half – the feel-good flick is worth its weight in gold thanks to the comedic and romantic chemistry between its leads, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey – but would they return for a sequel? Here's what we know…

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During a new interview for the BAFTA: A Life in Pictures special sponsored by TCL, Kate was asked about the possibility of appearing in a second film, and her response was very promising.

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While the Hollywood star explained that there is currently no sequel "in the works," Kate added that both she and Matthew would be open to one:

“Yeah, Matthew and I always say like if there was a great story there, I think we would do it, you know? It would just have to be a good story and it's hard to make a good rom-com. I mean, I think people have this sort of conception that it's sort of easy and…But to get a story right, to make it actually work, is challenging."

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She continued: "We had like five writers on that, you know, we had a lot of drafts and a lot of trying to figure out, and I was really young but very involved. And Lynda Obst the producer was fantastic and you know, it's like it's hard to make them [rom-coms] now with the series of things that I've done and the knowledge that I have of what works and what doesn't work. It's challenging."


Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey would be open to a sequel if the story was right

In a sweet moment, Kate also opened up about the part she had to play in casting Matthew McConaughey for the movie.

"At the time we just kept hitting our heads against a wall and the studio and I, you know, weren't agreeing, and I almost was like 'I get it if you want to make this movie without me but I'm fine, that's ok,' you know? And I remember Sherry Lansing at the time [said] 'Well, ok, who do you want?' And I was like 'What about Matthew McConaughey?' She's like 'Ok, well, let's see if Matthew McConaughey wants to do it. So we met and we hung out and Matthew then said yes and it was great."


The actress spoke about the role she played in getting Matthew cast as Benjamin Barry

Speaking about their close bond, Kate also told fans about why she loves working with the actor.

"I felt this sort of energy that felt kinetic," said Kate. "It was like– Some days what was so great and I think why Matthew and I both would love to probably work together again is that we have like a competitive spirit together and, you know, we're both super athletic and we like to push each other and I love Matthew's commitment to everything, like he just puts everything in, and I was like, that's the energy. Yeah, and it worked."


Kate revealed why she loves working with Matthew 

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