Kate Garraway responds to Matt Hancock in the jungle

Kate Garraway, whose husband Derek Draper was seriously ill with COVID, responded to former Health Secretary Matt Hancock appearing on the ITV reality show saying: "There will be people watching whose grief is still very very raw from losing people."They won't see that rawness of grief and sadness in the way that Matt Hancock is behaving on screen, because he’s laughing and having fun and trying to get to know a new group of people."

Video transcript

KATE GARRAWAY: Well, I think instinctively me personally would want to talk to him and ask him questions about it and try and get to the bottom of how he really felt about it. I think there's a very visceral gut reaction to Matt Hancock, as he is there as a very famous face of a time that's been miserable for the entire country, and we're still living with the consequences of, aren't we? And there'll be people watching whose grief is still very, very raw from losing people.