Kate Garraway reveals heartbreaking reason she hasn't drunk alcohol since before pandemic

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Kate Garraway has been open about her husband Derek Draper's long recovery from Covid-19. (Getty Images)
Kate Garraway has been open about her husband Derek Draper's long recovery from COVID. (Getty Images)

The pandemic has left a huge impact on Kate Garraway's day-to-day routine, as she continues to support her husband Derek Draper on his long recovery from COVID-19.

The presenter, 54, has revealed that, because of this, one of the things that has unexpectedly been missing from her life since before the pandemic is alcohol.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, the mother-of-two said: "I haven’t drunk at all since Derek went into hospital, because I felt I had to keep my wits about me."

She added: "It’s a strange thing feeling you’re basically on duty 24/7. But I’m not complaining."

Garraway's 54-year-old husband caught COVID in March 2020, and was hospitalised until spring of this year after being placed in a coma.

Since then, the star – who documented the heartbreaking impact of his illness on their family in the documentary Finding Derek – has been receiving help with his 24-hour care.

She is also the primary carer and only breadwinner for their two children, daughter Darcey, 15, and 11-year-old son Billy.

Garraway told the Sunday Telegraph that finding time for herself has been almost impossible, and she had to stop seeing her personal trainer and going to the hairdressers for root touch-ups.

The Good Morning Britain host added that she will "eat whatever is near at hand – so the other day I had two bars of Dairy Milk for lunch".

She recently picked up a National Television Award for her ITV documentary, and shared a picture on Instagram of her telling her husband the good news via video call.

Garraway met the former political advisor in 2004 through a mutual friend, and they married in 2005.

Earlier this year, she revealed how becoming a "de factor single parent" had become a legal nightmare.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Magazine, the presenter revealed how she'd had to endure “months and months of horror, of live-or-die phone calls” while having no idea if her husband would ever recover.

The heartbreaking situation became even more "complicated" because her other half never appointed a power of attorney, meaning she was not permitted to view his medical notes or take control of his bank accounts, nor have access to their joint savings or refinance the mortgage.

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