Kate Beckinsale, 50, wore a naked dress in new Instagram pics and her abs are 🔥

When Paris Hilton invites you to a party, you have to turn out your best looks—an unspoken rule that Kate Beckinsale knows quite well. She rocked a "naked" dress for the occasion, and she looks seriously strong.

The 50-year-old actress shared new Instagram pics of herself rocking a sheer floor-length dress with silver detailing down the front and dangling pieces on her sleeves. But the real show-stopping part of her ensemble? That would be the Underworld star's mega-strong core.

'When @parishilton says 'dress festive' for her #Slivmas party (to celebrate the release of Paris in Love Season 2 Now streaming on Peacock) you must obey . 💕Queen of pink rules💕...,' Kate captioned the photo.

Obviously, fans loved the look, and her comments section was filled with fire emojis and hearts galore. 'Kate, you are a national treasure,' wrote one follower. Another added, 'That will break the internet.' (I don't disagree!)

If you’re wondering what the Click actress does to stay so strong... well, her workout routine is no joke. Kate goes hard in the gym, training six days a week with her personal trainer, Brad Siskind.

She starts her sessions with a full-body workout of eight compound exercises. Kate does bicep curls while squatting, sit-ups with combination punches, and more. And that’s just the start.

Later, she does a cardio interval for 90 to 120 seconds, like rowing, running, or using the VersaClimber before hopping back into her circuit, she previously told Women's Health US. Once Kate finishes a second set of the eight exercises, she hops on another cardio machine. She’s a big fan of using the Inertia Wave, a method similar to battle ropes, or doing one-leg pushes on the treadmill.

'The whole hour is work,' Siskind told Women’s Health US of Kate's intense workout routine.

And if you’re looking for any proof that all that hard work has paid off in the form of Kate's core strength, look no further than this Instagram video where she's hanging upside down, bat-style, from the ceiling of her gym while doing sit-ups. That’ll definitely keep you strong:

Of course, Kate needs to properly fuel herself to crush these tough workouts. Her go-to meal before her morning gym session is protein, like chicken or eggs, with grass-fed butter, she shared with WH. She fills the rest of her day with salads, radishes, brussel sprouts, salmon, and, of course, the occasional bowl of crisps.

Overall, the one thing Kate loves most about working out is the positive effect it's had on her mental health (rather than any aesthetic effects). 'Exercise is almost more important to me moodwise,' she told WH.

Kate, you're an inspiration!

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