Journey to "Nowhere" with Etro's AI-Generated SS24 Campaign

Last summer, Creative Director of Etro, Marco De Vincenzo took us to an illustrious Italian summer. For the latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, he takes us to "Nowhere," or as Etro likes to see it, the apex of human imagination.

Created in collaboration with AI and digital artist and prompt designer, Silvia Badalotti, the campaign depicts Etro's latest collection through a series of fantastical scenes. In these images, time ceases to exist, starry skies envelop human-like subjects and vegetation grows boundlessly. The images portray hazy and ethereal scenes, reminding viewers of the magic that is possible in "Nowhere" and the possibilities of when tech and humans collide.

The collection grounds itself in bold, nature-like prints and colors. Many of the pieces feature big vines, flowers and pastel blues, greens, reds and pinks. Furthermore, many pieces exist in matching sets, with a counterpart featuring an inverted color palette and prints.

Shop this collection and explore Etro's SS24 collection at the brand's website.

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