Joss Stone ‘grateful’ to be alive after 30-hour labour involving 15 doctors

Joss Stone has said she is “grateful” to be alive after having a 30-hour-long labour and emergency C-section to give birth to her son.

The “Super Duper Love” singer gave birth to her second child, Shackleton, with partner Cody DaLuz in October and has opened up about the experience.

“You know, it’s nice to be alive,” the 35-year-old told ET. “It really is. I’m very, very grateful for it.”

“Many of us have war stories, kind of, with birth and I was hoping to not be one of those,” she said. “I wanted to be like, ‘Oh, you have beautiful four-hour labour. And then I just sneezed, and he fell out.’ But no, that’s not what happened.”

Stone revealed that there a total of 15 doctors who helped her in giving birth to her son. “They saved my life and saved my baby’s life for me. I felt truly like they were angels,” she said.

Stone, who is also mother to one-year-old daughter Violet, said her son’s birth makes Christmas time more special.

“It does make Christmas a little bit more shiny,” she added. “Because we’re here and it’s that time of year where you think about that. You think about who’s looking after me. There are angels and they do exist. I know they do, because I’m still here, right now.”

In an Instagram video announcing her son’s birth, featuring her partner and their two children, Stone said: “I had labour for 30 hours, and then it all went a bit t*ts up.

“Actually, I think it was 32 hours in, wasn’t it? It was because my uterus split. Anyways, the doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt saved my life and saved his life and they are amazing. So yeah, all ended well, and now we have our little man.”

Before to the birth of her son, Stone shared that she had a miscarriage last October. “We shouldn’t feel alone, it happens to a lot of women,” she said.