Jordyn Woods wants collaboration with sister Jodie

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Jordyn Woods would love to work with her sister credit:Bang Showbiz
Jordyn Woods would love to work with her sister credit:Bang Showbiz

Jordyn Woods wants to collaborate with her sister Jodie.

The 24-year-old model - who is turning 25 on Friday (23.09.22) - has revealed she turns to her younger sibling for fashion advice tips, and she's up for turning their personal relationship into a professional one.

She told E! News: "Yes. I always go to her for fashion advice. I'm always open to doing anything with my sister."

Jordyn is currently promoting her SHEIN clothing collaboration, and she hailed the collection as "very versatile".

She added: "I feel like you could be going to a night out, you could have a date night, or a birthday party.

"It's really whatever you make it. It's really about taking something simple and adding your own touch and your own accessories. The beauty of this collection is its simplicity."

Meanwhile, the star - who loves wearing a "good thigh high boot" and coasts now we're entering autumn - insisted she is open to any current trend, and explained how the most importance thing is feeling "comfortable".

She said: "There's not really a trend that I don't like. I feel like everyone should feel comfortable being themselves and wearing what they love."

And despite feeling "lucky and blessed" with her life, and admitted she finds her upcoming 25th birthday "bittersweet".

She revealed: "25 is a bittersweet age. I'm very lucky and blessed to make it here, but I'm officially not the youngest person in the room.

"My little sister has me beat. I can rent a car now, not that it really matters. It's cool though."