Jonathan Majors and Michael B Jordan want to make more movies together

Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors want to do more work together credit:Bang Showbiz
Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors want to do more work together credit:Bang Showbiz

Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan are planning to make more films together.

The two stars are currently promoting their latest movie 'Creed III' and had such a good time working on the project - which Michael also directed, as well as starring in as Adonis Creed - they hope to develop an enduring partnership.

Asked if they'll work together again, Michael told the New York Times newspaper: “We plan on it.”

Jonathan - who plays series newcomer Damian Anderson - quipped: “De Niro and Pacino.”

Michael then added: “We’re excited about that, and I have those conversations with him. Acting is such a solo journey, where you’re fighting for your place on that call sheet for such a long time.

"So when you’ve got somebody that doesn’t care as much about that stuff, it’s like, ‘Let’s go. How much damage can we do together?’”

Jonathan replied: “All of it."

Michael admitted he put pressure on himself as first-time director, including when it came to pitching Jonathan for the role.

He said: "I was all in my head, like, ‘OK, what are the things I would want to hear? This dude can do a million different things right now. What’s going to make him take a chance on this actor-director who hasn’t directed [anything]?’

“I knew I had to be truthful about what this project means to me and I wanted to make sure he knew."

After agreeing to sign up for the film, Jonathan admitted Michael's perception of his performance was the most important thing to him.

He said: “I care most about what he thinks."

Meanwhile, Michael was nervous about his family seeing the film.

He said: "My mom’s seen it, and my dad just got back from Ghana, so I’m going to show it to him.”