Jon Hamm shoots down rumour suggesting he doesn't wear underwear

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Jon Hamm has finally addressed the rumour suggesting he prefers to go commando.

Back in September 2012, a photo showing the Mad Men actor walking around New York City went viral on social media after fans began to speculate that he wasn't wearing underwear underneath his trousers.

But during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, Jon insisted that the gossip isn't true.

"I have worn underwear every single day of my life, who doesn't wear underwear?" he stated. "I love a comfy boxer brief, thank you very much. I like a breathable cotton."

Elsewhere in the conversation, host Howard queried Jon about what it is like to be a Hollywood sex symbol.

However, the star asserted that he's never really thought about the subject, as his main focus was always on becoming a good actor.

"My growing up... was more about kind of fitting in and achieving and hopefully being good at whatever it was that was in front of me, whether it was school or sports... By the time I got to pursuing acting really in a real way, I was in college, and I ended up getting a scholarship to do it and it was literally just something like, 'I think I'm good at this,'" the 51-year-old reflected. "Being good-looking or what have you is obviously so subjective too... somebody's great-looking guy... another (person) doesn't give a second look so I never really had a sense of that."