Jon Hamm admits he’s a Real Housewives fan: ‘I resisted it for decades’

Jon Hamm has admitted he is an avid fan of The Real Housewives -- despite his greatest efforts to avoid the popular franchise.

While appearing on Sirius XM’sThe Howard Stern Show earlier this week, the Mad Men star revealed that he and girlfriend Anna Osceola love to watch TV as they cook dinner together and they specifically loveThe Real Housewives.

“I’m fascinated by it, I really am,” he told host Howard Stern. “I resisted it for decades. I thought it was the low-hanging fruit, the lowest common denominator.”

The 51-year-old actor explained how he would see cast members from The Real Housewives shows filming with a “pack of cameras and lights” out in public, and would think to himself, “What kind of existence is this?”

That is until he began watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “The one that got me started, the first hit of the pipe, was New Jersey.”

“Started in Jersey, then we went across the river to New York,” Hamm said, referencing the 13-seasons strong Real Housewives of New York City. “Then we got on a plane and flew across the country and landed in Beverly Hills.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which first aired on Bravo in 2010, is currently airing its 12th season. For the past two seasons of RHOBH, cast member Erika Girardi (known professionally as Erika Jayne) has sparked controversy over the legal cases against her estranged husband and former attorney Tom Girardi, who was sued for allegedly embezzling settlement funds intended for victims of the 2018 Lion Air crash.

In the latest episode from this season, Jayne refused to give up a pair of $750,000 earrings that lawyers argue her husband had paid for with the money intended for the victims’ families. The move caused a stir among some of the housewives, namely Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff, who believed that Jayne showed no empathy for the victims when she refused to turn in the earrings.

During his appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Hamm explained his feelings on the earrings debacle.

“Everyone wants to know. Should Erika Jayne give back the earrings?” Stern asked Hamm.

“Yes she should!” the actor replied. “The circular argument – that it’s not responsible – you just want to shake her and go, ‘Honey, they were never yours. Give them back.’”

Unsurprisingly, the sudden discovery that John Hamm unabashedly watches Real Housewives caused quite a commotion online, with many social media users sharing their newfound love for the actor.

“As if I’m not already totally in love with Jon Hamm!! Love him so much!” tweeted one fan.

“The fact that Jon Hamm watches Housewives has changed me,” said someone else.

Another user admitted: “I have never been more attracted to Jon Hamm.”

Hamm isn’t the only celebrity to admit his love for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last week, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence shared her unfiltered thoughts on the earrings controversy by calling Erika Jayne “evil”.

Lawrence, who is famously a huge fan of the reality show, said in a recent interview: “Erika is evil. I would go as far as to say, she needs a publicist ASAP.”

However, it didn’t take long for Jayne to fire back at the Hunger Games star. “You know, it’s easy to label people when they are at their absolute lowest going through something in real time on television,” Jayne said during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“But anytime that she would like to come on down and mix it up with us, I’m sure that we could unmask the ugly parts of her personality as well,” she added.