JoJo Siwa shares details from 'very scary' home break-in: 'You never know when anything could happen'

JoJo Siwa claimed in a series of Snapchat Stories on May 16 that her house had been broken into by armed perpetrators. The home in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley was burglarized around 2:40 a.m. Monday.

“It was an armed robbery which is very scary,” Siwa posted. “It was a REALLLLLY long night on the phone with my security, family, and LAPD.”

Police officers who were at the scene told TMZ that they responded to a call from the alarm company but that the suspects had already left by the time they arrived. The police said they found an open door on the property that they assume was used by the burglars to gain access into the home. Police did not confirm with TMZ whether the perpetrators were armed.

Fortunately, Siwa and her family were not home at the time. Siwa has been posting updates on TikTok from her birthday trip that started in Seattle on May 15 and was on a cruise at the time of the break-in.

According to another Snapchat, Siwa claimed that there was “lots of materialistic damage” but “that can all be fixed.”

“I’m just happy that my family and pups are safe,” she added. “Most important thing to me.”

Siwa also said she didn’t sleep much after being notified by police about the burglary and felt “sick” watching the security footage of the intruders in her home.

“Do me a favor and hug your people extra tight tonight,” she said. “Life is SCARY. And you never know when anything could happen.”

Siwa moved in to the home with her family in 2019. The 6,111-square-foot house was purchased for $3.4 million has has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, two living rooms and one formal dining room.

In 2018, investigators were looking into multiple break-ins at celebrity homes in the San Fernando Valley. Among the bulgarly victims was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo and Scott Disick.

At the time, LAPD denied the theory that this was another “Bling Ring” — referencing the infamous string of celebrity break-ins by high school students in 2008 — but instead the work of professional burglars who knew the ins and outs of how to break into homes.

Lots of celebrities live in the area because of the gated communities and privacy from paparazzi and fans.

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