Johnny Vegas speaks about being diagnosed with ADHD just before Christmas

Johnny Vegas told BBC Breakfast that 'It just answers a lot of questions about his behavioural issues.

Video transcript

JOHNNY VEGAS: I think it was always kicked around as a notion. And-- oh, this is-- and but yeah, I'm-- I'm very careful about things like this and discussing it. And it's not because--

- You don't have to talk about--

JOHNNY VEGAS: I was-- no, I was diagnosed before Christmas. So eventually I sort of bit the bullet and went in and I had friends who had been diagnosed. So I'm in the very early stages of working through meds and things like that. And it just answers a lot of questions about, you know, behavioral issues.

- Really? So what difference does that diagnosis make do you think?

JOHNNY VEGAS: I think it's just a lot of things make sense with people. Again, just that sense of disorganization and doing basic tasks and how-- as you said earlier, everybody has an element of it. It's how your filter is, I think, and when you don't have a filter at all and things-- very simple things become very time consuming. It's like I'll shift that cup, and then you have 10 other ideas and you haven't shifted that cup. And then three weeks later, that's still there and somebody's like, why haven't you shifted that, and you go, because it becomes this monumental task and it's built up. And it's just, I suppose, how your brain organizes itself.

- Yeah.

JOHNNY VEGAS: And yeah, I knew I was disorganized, but that was the kind of joke of that's who-- you know, as it made me. But it helps make sense of a lot of things at school. But I'm only just-- I'm just on the verge of learning about it. It was more of a discussion of you've probably got something.

- Yeah, essentially, because--

JOHNNY VEGAS: So it's very different to actually saying, no, you have.