John Torode divides This Morning viewers with lesson on how to make a sandwich

John Torode taught This Morning viewers how to make a sandwich.

Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

Some eggplant dip out of a tub, some hummus out of a tub and some tzatziki out of a tub.

And then basically, what you do is you use those as your spreads.

So you take the idea of that so you don't need butter.

You don't need any butter?


So you do something like, say, tzatziki on sort of 11 side, and you just sort of smear that around And then with things like tomatoes, when you make a sandwich, you gotta be careful again that it holds together Cos if you doesn't hold together, then it all falls out on you.

So a little bit of hummus goes on and then to that once you've done that.

But again, it's not very much cos it's gonna squeeze together.

Yeah, it is.


Then you add your tomato sliced up so they go on and they hold together, which is quite nice again.

Now we've gotta try and think about lettuce the next one.

Aubergine Not not the most sort of normal thing to be in a sandwich, But what we've done is got everybody to eat Cucumber, aubergine, lettuce, tomatoes.

And when you put your lettuce on the sandwich.

Sounds weird.

Turn it over.

It holds.

So it holds into a spot.

So that's the way you like.

A bit of cupping, don't you?

I mean, obviously it's gonna work.