John Legend says he and Chrissy take a ‘staycation’ away from kids once a month

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on pink background - John Legend Chrissy Teigen Staycation
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Finding even a moment to hang out with your partner when you’ve got kids is a tall order for most parents, especially in those early years. John Legend recently shared that he and wife Chrissy Teigen take a “staycation” away from their four children each month, stressing the importance of “taking that time” with each other to stay connected, both individually and as a couple.

During a panel discussion at the Voices of Beauty Summit on Tuesday, the singer opened up about the seemingly luxe self-care days he and Teigen enjoy together, in an “intentional” effort to keep their relationship in tip-top shape.

“Chrissy and I have committed to doing a staycation one night a month to get away from the kids,” he said, referring to their children, Luna Simone, 7,  Miles Theodore, 5,  Esti Maxine, 1, and Wren Alexander Stephens, 9 months.

“Getting away from the kids, going to a spa and just [enjoying] each other’s company,” he added, “if you don’t take those moments to reset [and] if you don’t intentionally take those moments, I think then time can get away from you because you’re always going to have something to do. You’re always going to have work to do.”

“And so I think you have to be intentional about having me-time or couple time so you can focus on your mental health together, your relationship, all of that,” he continued. “And I think that’s important.”

Legend clarified that they are always reachable by phone during these couples’ spa days, but that they do make a point to pencil them into the calendar each month. “You have to plan it. Yeah, you have to have to be mindful of it and intentional about it, I think,” he said.

Of course, it’s worth noting that for many parents, even getting to enjoy a single episode of a TV show together on the couch without interruption (or one or both parties falling asleep) is a rare luxury, so a blissed-out day at the spa isn’t the most relatable scenario on the block. Still, he does make a solid point about stealing any time you can with your partner whenever possible. Whatever it looks like, you deserve to enjoy each other’s company without small humans taking all your attention away. (Dare to dream, right?)