Joe Wicks is 'proud' of wife Rosie's post-baby body seven months after third birth

Joe Wicks and his wife Rosie arriving at York Minster for the wedding of singer Ellie Goulding to Caspar Jopling
Joe Wicks has supported his wife Rosie's intense fitness regime after the arrival of their third child. (Getty mages)

Joe Wicks has shared that he is "so proud" of wife Rosie as he reveals how she has rebuilt her strength after giving birth to their third baby only seven months ago.

The personal trainer, 37, and former model, 31, welcomed their third child, baby daughter Leni, in September. The couple also have a daughter Indie, four, and three-year-old son Marley.

In a sweet post on Instagram, the Body Coach shared photos and videos of his other half looking "phenomenal" working out in the gym.

The mother-of-three is wearing a printed pink crop top and leggings set and can be seen demonstrating moves such as deadlifts and weighted lunges in their local Golds Gym.

In the caption, her husband of almost four years wrote: "So proud of Rosie. I think she looks absolutely phenomenal.

"She exercised all the way through her pregnancy with Leni and has really stepped up her training in the last six months to rebuild her strength.

"There is no doubt genetics has an impact and plays a role but I’ve seen her work so hard to rebuild her strength and fitness.

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"She’s lifting heavier weights than ever and is in the best physical and mental shape of her life."

Wicks noted that her progress was all the more "impressive" because their seven-month-old daughter has "never slept through the night".

He continued: "[Rosie] still makes the commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle and when she does train she really pushes herself and I admire her for that.

Wicks added: "She hates cardio and currently lifts heavy weights three times a week for around 45 mins."

His post, which has received more than 108,000 'likes', saw a number of fitness stars share their praise at her dedication.

Alice Liveing wrote "wow, go Rosie", while Courtney Black posted, "she looks amazing".

Many social media users branded Rosie a "superwoman" and said they "loved" that her husband was championing her so publicly.

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However, one fan also pointed out: "I think this is amazing, well done Rosie. Just want to say for some mamas that may see this and feel like they just can’t…that’s ok!

"It takes time. Especially if you have had a birth injury. Having babies takes its toll! It took me over 18 months to feel ready for weights, after birth and after physio."

According to the NHS, if you have had a straightforward birth, you can resume "gentle exercise as soon as you feel up to it", like walking and stretching.

However, they advise: "It's usually a good idea to wait until after your six-week postnatal check before you start any high-impact exercise, such as aerobics or running."

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