Jo O'Meara tells Loose Women 'it's been a really rough few months' after back operation

Jo O'Meara says her back has been 'very painful' since recent major operation.

Credit: 'Loose Women' / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

JO O'MEARA: I'm a lot better than what I was. Yeah, it's been a really rough few months, to be honest. It's been very painful. It's been-- I've had good days and bad days with it. I think sometimes you just got to soldier through it and then other times, you just think, oh, how long is this pain going to last for?

- Take us back to when it first started, then, when it first-- you first had your first back operation.

JO O'MEARA: The first-- well, this time round, it's been September was my first. I've had literally four in three months?

- But it-- hadn't it actually happened years ago, didn't it? Because I remember--