Jo Loves just launched a new fragrance in time for spring. Here's our beauty writer's verdict

jo loves ebony and cassis review
Jo Loves just launched a new fragrance Getty Images

Chances are you'll have smelt a fragrance created by Jo Malone before. What people are still learning, though, is that Jo Malone CBE herself left her original brand, Jo Malone London - the brand responsible for the iconic Lime, Basil and Mandarin - back in 2006.

As for what she's been up to since then, the fragrance designer launched Jo Loves: a perfume, bath, body and home brand with all the appeal - and groundbreaking scent combinations - of her first eponymous line. The branding and packaging is as chic and happy-making as you'd expect, too.

The newest launch from Jo Loves is called Ebony and Cassis, and it feels notably different to any of the other scents in her range - in the very best way.

There feels a definite theme with most of Jo Loves' fragrances: they are, more often than not, bright, luminous, feminine scents. Pomelo, a splashy citrus (and one of the brand's bestsellers), is a perfect example.

There was room in the range, then, for a new kind of scent: one that feels rich, grown-up, and perfect for warm summer nights dining al fresco. Inspired by Jo's newest venture living in the Middle East, this fragrance feels like a perfect meeting between East and West, and we can't get enough of it.

The perfume bears all the smouldering warmth of nutmeg, patchouli and cedarwood, which gives it a depth of richness that feels almost velvety (and by that we mean if velvet had a smell, this is it), and helps the scent last long into the night. To stop it feeling too intense, these bold notes are balanced with a little blackcurrant, which is a welcome addition of tartness and zing.

Our verdict?

"I'm the first to admit that these type of scents are not my usual," says beauty writer Phoebe. "I tend to choose scents that bring a powdery, muskiness to the fore. Since I'm a big fan of Jo Malone's creations, though, I decided to give this a spritz. And, honestly, it's been so refreshing to wear a scent that has such a rich, enveloping quality, and that I can still smell on my scarf the next day. The scents I often opt for are so fleeting; this manages to yield that sweet spot between lasting well on my skin, without feeling suffocating. Consider me a convert."

High praise. In short, never doubt the genius that is Jo Malone CBE; you can rely on her creations, time and time again. You can shop the scent, above.

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