Will there be a Jewish Matchmaking season 2? Here's what you need to know

jewish matchmaking season 2
Will there be a Jewish Matchmaking season 2?Netflix

For anyone looking for a tantalising Bank Holiday Netflix watch, look no further. Jewish Matchmaking has just dropped on Netflix, following quests for love within the Jewish community.

The show was inspired by Indian Matchmaking, which first aired in July 2020 with a similar premise but focusing on the arranged marriages of Indian couples in the US and India.

We've just been treated to a third season of Indian Matchmaking, showing that there's a huge appetite for matchmaking TV right now. Love is in the air, and all that.

So when are we getting a second season of Jewish Matchmaking? Here's what we know.

jewish matchmaking cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

What is Jewish Matchmaking about?

The clue is in the name, we guess. Essentially, the Netflix show follows the journeys of Jewish singles across the US and Israel who are looking for love, with matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom supervising the process.

“Jewish Matchmaking depicts the universal search for true love,” executive producer Aaron Saidman told People in an interview. “The show is a funny, heartwarming, and always unpredictable journey that unfolds right in front of our cameras. As we do in Indian Matchmaking, we take an ancient tradition and document it in a modern context. Sometimes there's undeniable chemistry between two singles, and sometimes it’s just awkward ... and hilarious.”

Has season 2 of Jewish Matchmaking been confirmed?

Not as of yet, no. Netflix is yet to call for a renewal, but fans are keen to see more and the popularity of all three seasons of its sister show Indian Matchmaking suggest it could happen. We have everything crossed.

Who would be in the cast for Jewish Matchmaking season 2?

We would assume that Aleeza would return as the matchmaker. Possible returning members from season one's cast are as follows: Dani Bergman, Harmonie Krieger, Ori Basly, Noah Del Monte, Noah Dreyfuss, Fay Brezel, Stuart Chaseman, Cindy Seni and Nakysha Osadchey.

jewish matchmaking aleeza in jewish matchmaking cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

No casting has been confirmed though, so if the show were to return for season two, there might be a whole new cast. You never know.

Is there a trailer for season two of Jewish Matchmaking?

Alas no, as a second season has not yet been confirmed by Netflix. However, we will update this article as soon as anything develops.

The first season of Jewish Matchmaking is available to watch on Netflix

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