Jessica Alba just cut her hair into a super short chin-length bob for summer

Jessica Alba has, once again, taken to Instagram to debut a brand new hair look. *Spoiler alert* it's a goodun', folks. And just when we thought we had seen it all with her reverse blonde to brunette hair transformation, too.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of the cut, allow me to remind you of her previous hairstyle[s] – a condensed timeline is needed, me thinks. Let's start at the very beginning (circa late 1990s) when her career first launched and she was rocking a jet-black pixie-meets-bob 'do.

Soon after, she landed her starring role in 'Dark Angel' and went down the auburn route, dyeing her hair a red/brown tone. By the early 00s, we had chunky highlights (ahhh those were the days) and in 2005, we were presented with her most drastic hair transformation yet (IMO): the extra extra short choppy bob. Iconic, really.

From here on out, the hairstyles that followed included long caramel lengths, short caramel lengths, long brown lengths and short brown lengths – you get the idea, right? This now brings me to the present day where Jess has gone from from medium brunette lengths to short brunette lengths. Some things never change, ey?

Here's the before:

And now, the after:

As we can see, Jessica now has a chin-length bob, which really is the perfect summer hairstyle. I mean, long hair in this heat isn't particularly ideal. As for the styling, Jess has opted for a loose curl that doesn't rid of the length too much and a very on-trend middle-parting. We love to see it.

Now, if this look hasn't inspired you to go for that chop you've been dwelling on, then IDK what will.

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