Jeremy Kyle says Meghan should be 'thrown down a well' live on air

Jeremy Kyle is facing criticism for a Talk TV segment in which he suggested the Duchess of Sussex should be 'thrown down a well'.

Kyle was discussing Harry and Meghan's life since quitting their royal duties with commentators Kinsey Schofield and Emily Andrews when he made the statement to the surprise of his guest.

Credit: TalkTV Via Youtube

Video transcript

EMILY ANDREWS: If you really want to be-- have an act of service or perform service or charity, go to Lesotho. Take your wife, take your children, go to Lesotho. You know, it is safe there. I've been there. Harry's been there many times.

Go and build wells, build schools. Go and teach English as a foreign language.

JEREMY KYLE: Throw her down one.

EMILY ANDREWS: You know-- no, no, do not do that, Jeremy Kyle. But no, seriously. Go and devote your life to the well-being of others.

JEREMY KYLE: Which he did before.

EMILY ANDREWS: Which he did before.