Jeremy Irons yelled at Bob Odenkirk over bad SNL monologue

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Bob Odenkirk isn't looking forward to his next encounter with Jeremy Irons, because the last time the two actors met, the Brit yelled at the Breaking Bad star.

Odenkirk was a writer on U.S. sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live before he hit the big time and he was charged with writing a monologue for guest host Irons.

Bob won an Emmy for being part of the writing team, but Irons wasn't a fan.

"Rob Schneider and I had written this monologue, and it wasn’t great," Odenkirk told The Howard Stern Show. "He was right. He was really mad. He was so mad.

"(He said), 'I can sing. I can dance. I can juggle. I am a Shakespearean-trained actor. And you have me doing this?'"

Bob secretly taped the Oscar winner's outburst and played it at parties.

"I had a little recorder, and I taped it because I loved it so much," Bob said. "And he was right, God bless him. It wasn’t a great monologue, but he’s a trouper.

"I played it for many people. I don’t know where it is now. It’s at the bottom of a bin somewhere. It exists."

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