Jenny McCarthy: Playboy mansion was like Catholic school

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Jenny McCarthy had a positive experience with Playboy credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenny McCarthy had a positive experience with Playboy credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenny McCarthy claims the Playboy Mansion was run "like a Catholic school" when she was there.

The 49-year-old beauty - who was Playmate of the Year in 1994 and appeared on the cover of the adult publication six times over the years - is "so grateful" her experiences with the brand were so different to the shocking accounts discussed in the 'Secrets of Playboy' docuseries, and believes it was down to the fact the late Hugh Hefner was married to Kimberly Conrad at the time.

Speaking on the '#NoFilter with Zack Peter' podcast: "“I’m so grateful that when I was there, Hef was married and it was kind of run like a strict dormitory. Like, we weren’t even allowed near Hef or around the house.

“It was almost like Catholic school, to be honest. There were no orgies or big parties going on. So I think I went in there in a window of time that was kind of safe for me. But hearing some of these girls’ stories was really rough...

"I have three sisters and when I'm publicly telling my stories of childhood, [one] will call me and say, 'What house were you living in?' Because ... everyone has a different story and outline of their life. That's the analogy I would use with Playmates.

"Yeah, we were in the same house. We all didn't experience the same s***."

The 'Masked Singer' judge revealed she was repeatedly asked to host the docuseries but declined because the allegations of abuse and misconduct shared by various former Playmates didn't tally with her own experiences.

She explained: “They had asked me to host that show. They wanted me to really be involved. And be an executive producer and be involved in it — numerous times!

“I love the production company, I’m gonna put that out there because I do love them, who did it. But because I didn’t have the same experiences, so I wasn’t going to sign up for a paycheque and be salacious when I didn’t experience those things. And hearing their stories, my heart broke for a lot of these women.”