Jennifer Lopez's new XL waterfall hair extensions are *so* different from her signature voluminous blowout

If you've seen JLo's latest film Shotgun Wedding (and if you haven't... do), you'll have seen her character, pin-less grenade in hand, running for her life, and still getting her hubby-to-be to put her extensions in his pocket for safekeeping. The message is clear. Even in a life or death situation, there is no reason to waste good hair extensions.

Her latest campaign with Revolve is an excellent illustration of why. Just look at that waterfall of impossibly sleek hair. Extensions, where?

Recently revealing her natural hair length as a cute shoulder-length shaggy wolf cut, it's seriously impressive to melt that away into this sweeping waterfall of uniform hair.

It's the work of Kardashian go-to hair stylist Chris Appleton – there isn't much we'd put past his skills – this is the man, who in under 24 hours, got Kim's hair from black to blonde for her Marilyn Met Gala moment. 14 hours straight, to be precise.

Though we're starting to wonder if that sweep of hair may in fact be a wig, but just like the extensions, we can't see any sign of it being a wig either. It's witchcraft.

With Chris Appleton on the hair, we knew the rest of the glam squad were going to be the big dogs (I mean it is JLo) and they didn't disappoint. Mary Phillips, of the Mary Phillips contour technique – aka backwards makeup – was behind those striking cheekbones, while manicurist Tom Bachik delivered a 'nude lipstick' mani.

They're like the avengers of glam, and the results speak for themselves 👏🏽

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