Jennifer Lopez Shares Rare Footage of Her and Her Twins Emme and Max for Their 15th Birthdays

Jennifer Lopez Shares Rare Footage of Her and Her Twins Emme and Max for Their 15th Birthdays

Jennifer Lopez's two children, twins Emme and Max, turned 15 today, and their mother gave her millions of followers an intimate look into their life together. Lopez shared an Instagram Reel, set to Taylor Swift's “Fifteen (Taylor's Version),” featuring footage from throughout Emme and Max's lives. Lopez shares her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful, brilliant coconuts 🥥🥥 ,” Lopez wrote. “I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever 🤍🤍♾️♾️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎂 #Twins”

Lopez reflected on how being a mother changed her and what she looks for in relationships in an interview published this December in Vogue. “I just didn’t understand what it was to care for myself, to not put somebody else’s feelings and needs—and your need for them to love you—in front of taking care of yourself,” she started. “You turn yourself into a pretzel for people and think that that’s a noble thing, to put yourself second. And it’s not. Those patterns become deep patterns that you carry with you, and then at a certain point you go, Wait, this doesn’t feel good. Why am I never happy? I really felt that way for a long time. And finally I was just like, Ugh! It’s time to figure me out because I need to be good for these babies. And even from there, with all the willingness I had, it took years and years to really put the pieces together, like, Oh, this thing I do because of this, that thing I do because that happened to me at this age.”

She reflected on her kids and their peers, saying, “This generation is beautifully aware and involved and brave, and they will call bullshit on stuff really quick. I want my kids to stand up for themselves and the things they care about. I want all the little girls in the world to get loud. Get loud! Say it when it’s wrong. Don’t be afraid. I was afraid for a long time: afraid to not get the job, to piss people off, afraid that people wouldn’t like me. No.”

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