Jennifer Lopez with a shaggy wolf haircut is something I never thought I’d see

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

So far this year, Jennifer Lopez has married three times. One of those times was for her movie role in the 2022 comedy, Marry Me. And of course, the other two ceremonies were her official lawful engagements to now-hubby, Ben Affleck. Now, making it a fourth, the singer-dancer-actor aka triple threat, is tying the knot once again (in make-believe movie terms) for her upcoming film Shotgun Wedding.

As you do, both she and Josh Duhamel have taken to the 'Gram to post the campaign images to promote the 2023 film. And as exciting as this is in itself, we just cannot get over Jennifer's hair! I mean, did you ever expect to see her with a shaggy wolf cut?

Though, to give credit where credit is due, Jen has rocked some iconic beauty looks in the past. Within the last few months alone, she's given us a 13 Going On 30-inspired spikey updo, XL caramel balayage extensions and two sophisticated wedding looks. Talk about a multi-hyphenate, ey!

But having said all of that, the following may just be our fav look of Jen's to date...

Now, if you've gotten this far and are still none the wiser to what a shaggy wolf cut is exactly, then allow me to explain. To put it simply, the style is a combination of the iconic 70s shag cut and the playful 80s mullet. Think: layers upon layers with a face-framing fringe, of some sort. J-Lo's includes all of the former and has been blended together perfectly with honey golden highlights.

Thanks to TikTok, the power of social media and celebrity influences like Jennifer here, it would seem that the shaggy wolf cut is back. And I ain't mad about it.

Shotgun Wedding premieres on January 27 and can be streamed via Prime Video.

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