Jennifer Lopez mocked after ‘tone deaf’ viral challenge backfires

Jennifer Lopez performs in 2020 (Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez performs in 2020 (Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez has been mocked for attempting to spark a viral challenge dubbed “tone deaf” by confused fans.

The singer and actor celebrated the 20th anniversary of her single “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by recreating a memorable moment from the track’s video on Twitter. In it, she can be seen tossing her expensive jewellery, sunglasses and clothes onto a beach, before swiping away the camera.

“The #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge STARTS NOW!!!!,” Lopez captioned the video. “Can’t wait to see your renditions.”

Unfortunately, many fans were confused by what Lopez wanted them to recreate.

“We are in a [pandemic], still haven’t gotten our second [stimulus package] & you want us to go out & throw our s*** away in the sand?!?” asked one person.

Another added: “Jlo we supposed to throw our valuables on the beach? Is the challenge to find it after we throw it bc we can’t afford to replace it?!? What is the instructions?!?!?????”

“What’s the challenge here?” asked another fan, while others questioned the appropriateness of Lopez recreating the video during the pandemic.

“Maam this is tone deaf,” wrote one person. “Can’t nobody afford to be throwing their stuff on the beach.”

Another wrote: “Please stop, just be rich in private and leave us regular people ALONE.”

“I’m only allowed to leave my house for an hour of exercise and you want me to throw away my possessions on a beach?” added someone else.

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” was the launch single for Lopez’s second album, which was named after, and introduced to the world, her famous moniker “JLo”.

Last week, Lopez was one of the major performers at Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, along with Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen. She sang a rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” which interpolated her 2000 hit “Let’s Get Loud”.

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