Jennifer Lopez, 54, Shows Off Toned Legs at Paris Fashion Show

Jennifer Lopez, 54, Shows Off Toned Legs at Paris Fashion Show

Jennifer Lopez tried something new with fashion at Schiaparelli’s spring/summer 2024 haute couture show in Paris. The megastar wore a stunning white coat adorned entirely with flower petals over a textured white turtleneck sweater, opaque black tights (that showed off her super toned legs), and black pumps with a gold keyhole on the toe.

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In terms of accessories, the 54-year-old added a chic, cream-colored western-style belt with a dangling lock and chunky gold earrings. In true Schiaparelli fashion, she wore a pair of dramatic gold sunglasses and carried a black handbag with a face on it. Her chin-length bob was slicked back into a slightly wet style.

In a November 2023 interview with ELLE, Jennifer spoke about the importance of making projects for and about women.

“You want to make great movies, at the end of the day. You want to make great television. And that should hit everybody. But at the same time, telling stories from a woman’s point of view does draw more of a [female] audience, or they relate to it more, or they get more fanatical about it and obsessed with it because they can feel that it’s not from the male gaze. They can feel the difference. With all the great women producers, directors, and actors who are taking more control of their careers and creating their own material, we’re in a very exciting time for women in Hollywood,” she said.

Jennifer added, “People were laying the groundwork for this for a long time. It’s just that sometimes it takes time to move these mountains and these old ideas and paradigms and shift them to a place where there’s real change. We have been able to stand in our own power and say, We’re not going to be taken advantage of. We’re not just on the corners of life or on the outside of the stories. We are the stories.”

But, her determination doesn’t stop there. The star is know for her dedication to staying healthy, previously saying: “It’s no secret that fitness is a very important part of my life,” in an interview with Us Weekly. “I think there’s a positive correlation between exercise and mental health. When you find a good balance through determination and focus, we’re naturally pushing to be the best version of ourselves.”

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