Jennifer Lawrence looks like a literal angel with these XXL ethereal mermaid waves

jennifer lawrence looks angelic with xxl ethereal mermaid waves
Jennifer Lawrence's XXL mermaid waves are iconic Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

Despite you know, being a famous Hollywood actress, there's something about Jennifer Lawrence that seems more relatable than most in the A-list crowd. Like, worrying that she wouldn't love her baby as much as her cat – we feel you, Jen. The element that has always seemed unattainable – other than her Oscar win, obvs – is her perfect, yet effortless hair.

Getting a glimpse of the actress is rare these days. While we don't blame her for stepping back from the spotlight in recent years, it does make it all the more exciting when we do get an update from her. The most recent? She's been seen sporting some XXL ethereal mermaid waves in a recent photoshoot and just casually looking like a literal angel whilst doing so.

The waves were created by hair stylist, Jenny Cho, for a W Magazine shoot and they couldn't be more perfect if they tried. Cho has kept what she used to create the look under wraps, but we can assume a curling tong was definitely involved in the mix.

JLaw's hair is still the perfect golden hue we all strive to achieve at the hair dressers, which is especially impressive seeing as she recently gave birth to her son, Cy, just last year.

With so many celebs ditching their signature blonde locks for a darker shade in recent months (hello, Khloé Kardashian and Sydney Sweeney), it's nice to see Jen is still providing all the inspo needed for our blonde hair vision boards.

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