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Want a figure like Jennifer Garner? The key to her at-home workout is available at Amazon

I don't think we give Jennifer Garner quite enough credit. Yes, she's an actress who's starred in countless movies — I still love 13 Going On 30 — and has an oh-so-adorable Instagram account with cute kids and fluffy cats (have you noticed she has a cat tree set up her kitchen? She does.) with an adorably messy house — but she's 50 and there's not one crease on her face or an extra 20 pounds (or even five pounds) that would indicate she's a half-century old. Want to know one thing she does to keep it tight? A jump box. And you can get one on Amazon for less than her age!

This workout jump box comes in four different sizes — the smallest is 16x14x12 inches and the largest is 30x24x20 inches. There are two colors to choose from.
$45 at Amazon

Of course, it's her ex's new wife that grabs headlines for her enviable figure, but Jennifer Garner is nothing to scoff at. It's really easy to dismiss her slight frame as unattainable, crediting it to good genes, but no. She actually works really hard at it. She posted a wild workout on Instagram that gets your blood pumping just watching it.

This post is 100% the reason I went on a workout bender. I feel so much better about my post-covid body knowing that Jennifer Garner has to work that hard to be fit over 50. It's so inspiring.

Now I must get a jump box to make my workout complete. Jennifer Garner's jump box is fancy — you can find something padded like that for between $150 and $200, but this one from Amazon is on sale for $46 and it'll get the job done.

This workout jump box made from plywood features pre-drilled holes for easy assembly and has rounded corners to prevent injury. This is the smallest box at 16x14x12 inches, which means you have three sizes to challenge you when you flip it on its side. And if you're not into jumping, that's OK. You can still get a good workout on it from just stepping up on it or doing other compound exercises using free weights. It's already impressed nearly 4,000 five-star fans.

This workout jump box has already impressed nearly 4,000 five-star fans. (Photo: Yes4All)
This workout jump box has already impressed nearly 4,000 five-star fans. (Photo: Yes4All)

"It was easy to assemble and was a perfect size option for my 5 ft tall frame (great stepping height)," shared a five-star fan. "I got the retro coffee colored one and was very pleasantly surprised that the color is great!"

"My wife was using an old stool to do step ups during work outs," reported another happy shopper. I saw this product and thought it would be perfect and it has been this far. Really nice looking finish and fairly easy to install (just be ready to crank out a decent number of screws manually as I didn’t have a drill bit that matched the head).

"I'm 69 years old and want to improve my vertical leap, balance and overall cardio routine," wrote a rave reviewer. "Whether stepping or jumping, this plyo box is stable with 3 different heights to choose! I can tell the difference in just a few sessions."

Ready to get fit? Just add to cart!

This workout jump box can change the intensity of your workouts — it's already impressed nearly 4,000 five-star fans.
$45 at Amazon

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