Jennifer Garner surprises her father with ride in childhood car for his birthday

Jennifer Garner surprises her father with ride in childhood car for his birthday

Jennifer Garner gave her father a heartwarming trip down memory lane as birthday surprise.

The actor recently took a trip to her hometown in Charleston, West Virginia and used part of her time to plan an early birthday present for her father.

On Monday (11 September) the actress took to Instagram to showcase memories from the vacation, including a photo of both her and her dad, William John Garner.

"Dad’s early birthday surprise: a ride in his childhood car — [a] 1948 Studebaker Champion," she wrote in the caption.

She also added that “kind and generous David King” joined the father-daughter duo on the ride.

Her dad’s birthday falls on 21 September, which is famously referenced in the Earth, Wind & Fire song “September.” Jennifer referenced the date in an older birthday tribute post from 2017.

“My dad’s birthday = the 21st night of September = #earthwindandfireday,” she wrote, quoting the lyric of the song, which also played in the background of the clip. “We always knew you were the coolest, Dad! Happy Birthday!”

In addition to her dad’s early birthday present, the 13 Going on 30 star spent her 36 hours in her hometown driving by the West Virginia State Capitol building, and taking in the September sky.

She also had the opportunity to catch up with people she doesn’t see often including her “beloved ballet teacher, mentor and second mother, Nina Lu Pasinetti (Ms. Denton.”

The trip even lent itself for a business opportunity as the Once Upon a Farm founder held a “multipack” giveaway of her line of baby food and snack line at her local Kroger grocery store.

Despite this, the biggest highlight of her trip appeared to be the time she spent with her family. The first photo in the Instagram post is of Jennifer and her nephew with a caption that reads, “I love my nephew.” She went on to share a video of him playing soccer while she sat in the stands. “What am I, suddenly a soccer expert?” she joked.

The actor also spent time with her mother, Patricia Ann Garner, as she posted an image of the two of them walking while holding hands. “Of course we had to close Mom’s rings,” she captioned the image.

Her sister was in town for the occasion and the two got together for their own photo. “I can’t imagine life without my little sister, Susannah. (We missed you, Melissa!)," she wrote in a caption to go alongside the image.

Many people took the opportunity to comment on the social media post, mentioning their appreciation for the actress being open about her roots. “Just love how you’re so down to earth,” one comment read.

Another person agreed, writing: “I LOVE love love your appreciation & crazy cool dedication to your hometown/state/people/roots.”

“Your mom and her rings cracked me up! So cute, and she is DEDICATED,” another commenter pointed out.