Jennifer Coolidge Dishes On Which ‘The White Lotus’ Cast Partied Harder

jennifer coolidge white lotus cast
Jennifer Coolidge Talks 'The White Lotus' CastsInstagram Sabrina Impacciatore - Getty Images

Jennifer Coolidge was undoubtedly the star of this year's Golden Globes, between her epic Dolce & Gabbana outfit, sweet moment with Colin Farrell, Best Supporting Actor win and that hilarious (and surprisingly relatable) award acceptance speech.

But beyond providing multiple moments of comedic genius and reducing Mike White to tears, Coolidge also took the time to dish on the experience of filming The White Lotus – and reveal which of the two casts partied harder.

In an interview with E! News, Coolidge revealed that the cast 'didn't know' that The White Lotus would be such a hit. 'We all really liked each other and we had a really good time, too,' she continued. 'But we didn't know it was going to turn into what it turned into, and I attribute that to Mike White and his incredible writing and everything. But we didn't know – we had no idea. This is such a nice surprise.'

As Coolidge's Tanya McQuoid was the only character to star in both seasons one and two of the hit series, the actor was also in a unique position to dish on the two different casts. When asked in the same interview which of the two casts 'partied harder', Coolidge responded: 'That's a toss-up. [But] I think the Italians might party harder... I think the Italians.' Why are we not surprised?

Coolidge's The White Lotus co-stars were quick to celebrate her win. Sydney Sweeney, who starred in season one of the limited series, re-posted Coolidge's viral acceptance speech, while season two co-stars Adam DiMarco (who played Albie Di Grasso) and Sabrina Impacciatore (hotel manager Valentina) shared their own congratulations via Instagram stories.

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