Jennifer Aniston's bouncy bedhead curls are *so* season 8 Rachel Green

jennifer aniston bouncy bedhead curls
Jen An's bouncy bedhead curls are so Rachel GreenSteve Granitz - Getty Images

19 long years ago (I was aged four, FYI...), sadly, our beloved Friends came to an end. Though, that hasn't stopped the iconic Rachel Green (aka, Jennifer Aniston) from remaining our hair inspiration to this very day. And, ofc, us playing rerun episodes on repeat. Comedy Central, we thank you.

From the OG 'Rachel' cut days – y'know, the layered, 90s flick style that had everyone in a chokehold – to season 2's shoulder-length lob, consider Jen's character files your hairstyle bible.

Alas, one style that swiftly falls under the radar (read: goes highly unappreciated, IMO) is S8 Rachel's soft curls. See the ref below:

Today, however, Jesus wept because Jennifer just recreated this very look in her most recent Instagram video post. Alongside a hilarious helping of the first-world problems that come with making coffee, that is.

Relatable, much?

But I digress, for what we're so here for are those bouncy bedhead curls. I mean, with the feathered style of her 'curve cut' (also known as the 'C cut'), the strands fall so effortlessly to frame her face. So effortlessly, that we'd go as far as to call this a tamed bedhead look. Volume? Check. Body? Check. Tousled? Check.

Having said that, IDK whether my bird's nest of a head of locks would naturally look like this upon waking from the dead. But I'd certainly put money on Jen An's lengths to.

She is the Queen of effortless beauty, after all.

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