Jennifer Aniston names Elle Macpherson and Brigitte Bardot as her 'hair icons'

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Jennifer Aniston considers Elle Macpherson and Brigitte Bardot her "hair icons".

The actress inspired women around the world to try a new hairstyle when she debuted the voluminous shoulder-length style known as The Rachel during the first season of Friends back in 1994.

But in an interview with People, Jennifer admitted that she actually gets hair inspiration from several other celebrities.

"I love Elle Macpherson's hair. I always have. I love Brigitte Bardot, if we're going back in time into beautiful, sexy hair, roll out of bed kind of hair," she told the outlet. "Kate Moss has that very similar sort of vibe. Valerie Bertinelli. When I was a kid, I remember ripping a picture of her out of a magazine and bringing that into Vidal Sassoon. I just love long, beachy, beautiful hair."

Last September, Jennifer branched out into the haircare world for the first time with her very own brand, LolaVie. To mark the company's first birthday, the star is about to add two new additions to the line - the Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner.

And she is working on several other new formulas too.

"I'm working on getting the rest of our products up and running and perfecting those. There's a couple more that are going to probably be rolling out soon. Or, sooner than later, I hope!" the 53-year-old exclaimed.