Jennifer Aniston hilariously pokes fun at the iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut

jennifer aniston on the red carpet for murder mystery looking over her shoulder in a metallic dress with her hair down
Jennifer Aniston pokes fun at the 'Rachel' haircutAmy Sussman - Getty Images

Everyone remembers the 'Rachel' haircut. Hell, even people who weren't alive know all about the 'Rachel'. Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green had so many iconic hair looks during Friends' 10-year run, and just like her fashion and makeup, they all set trends. But one look was so stratospheric and so impossible to avoid, that it basically achieved hair domination, and thus 'the Rachel' came to be a part of hair history forever... or did it?

Jen just appeared in an Uber Eats commercial, where she's receiving a delivery of her haircare line LolaVie, and in the advert, the star seems to have had a bout of amnesia.

When someone off camera says they'll have to remember that they can get her products on Uber Eats, Jen replies "In order to remember something, you have to forget something else" and that something else for Jen, is the 'Rachel'. She turns to a woman who's just had a very distinct Rachel cut styled by Aniston's longtime stylist Chris McMillan and says "Now that is a very cute haircut, that's like a little shag. I've never seen that before." The confused woman tries to explain it's Jen's own iconic cut but there's zero recollection.

It's a totally silly advert but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

And it got us wondering, what would things have been like without the 'Rachel' haircut? Would another trend have been that big? What did we miss during Rachel's domination? What picture would every y2K mom have taken into the salon? Would Jen even have her own haircare line now? That parallel universe would be too much to bear.

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