Jennifer Aniston debuts an updated take on the "The Rachel" cut featuring bright blonde highlights

The poster girl for that ultra-layered nineties hairstyle, Jennifer Aniston has revived the iconic 'Rachel' cut, showcasing a freshly highlighted edition of her cult classic look during the Murder Mystery 2 premiere in Paris last night. Usually seen sporting her naturally tousled waves, this new iteration of her signature Friends haircut is swishy and sleek, and comes complete with flattering butter-blonde pieces.

The recent resurgence of all things nineties (cue cool-toned smoky eyes, heavily tweezed brows and Pamela Anderson's iconic platinum colour) has seen various renditions of Aniston's face-framing trim make viral rounds on social media; her covetable cut has garnered 60.2B views on TikTok alone, and served as significant inspiration for a plethora of celebrity hairstyles. Most recently, Priyanka Chopra debuted a full and choppy shoulder-grazing lob that closely resembled Aniston's legendary sitcom look.

<span class="photo-credit">Marc Piasecki - Getty Images</span>
Marc Piasecki - Getty Images

While Rachel Green's hair, much like her character, went through its own evolution throughout Friends, we'd liken her most recent appearance to the polished, heavily layered lengths she wore throughout the later seasons of the show – rather than the shorter, choppier earlier version that originally caused such a storm. Quintessentially naughties, her feathered new trim is similarly bright in tone but features a modern placement of bold blonde highlights around her face; in terms of shape, her revival of the look is similarly long and straight, with just a slight bend to achieve that face-framing trim.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in FriendsNBC - Getty Images

During the premiere, Aniston styled her Rachel hair renaissance with pared-back make-up, focusing on lengthened lashes, perfected skin and a warm monochromatic flush across her cheeks and lips. The fresh cut and colour, of course, took centre stage in the look.

She also kept her styling simple, in a shimmering nude slip dress, adding a furry cropped jacket to keep warm.

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<span class="photo-credit">Marc Piasecki - Getty Images</span>
Marc Piasecki - Getty Images

This sleek version of her hairstyle has become a rarity in Aniston's typical styling. More often, we can see the actress sporting her naturally tousled curls via a candid Instagram post or see her sun-kissed blonde shaped with an intentionally textured wave during public appearances. Regardless of this fact, this fresh, enlivening revival of her signature style, once again confirms that this timeless look is long-standing in our list of iconic nineties hair inspirations.

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