Jennifer Aniston, 54, just shared a totally fresh perspective on health and ageing

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How Jennifer Aniston plans to thrive with ageJames Devaney - Getty Images
  • Jennifer Aniston, 54, shared how her late parents inspired her ongoing health journey.

  • She also shared a fresh perspective on ageing.

  • Keep reading for her go-to practices and products for feeling and looking her best.

Jennifer Aniston has always been a relatively health-conscious person, but ageing and the passing of her parents—most recently, her father, John Aniston—have sharpened that focus. Now, she’s opening up about getting older and how she’s prioritising her health and overall wellness.

'As I get older, I want my body to thrive,' the 54-year-old recently told USA Today.

John died in November 2022 at the age of 89, and Aniston’s mother, Nancy Dow, died in 2016. In honour of the actress’ recent 54th birthday, she shared a throwback family photo featuring them both.

'God bless my parents who are no longer with us, but they were not the specimens of health,' Aniston told USA Today. 'My dad still lived to be 89 years old, shockingly, but that’s probably stubborn Greek genes.'

Although difficult losses, the death of her parents inspired her to hone further in on her sleep routines, which she tends to with meditation, limited screen time, and hot baths. 'You can’t make up on lost sleep. It’s just a myth,' she said, pointing out that March is National Sleep Awareness Month.

She added that her ongoing passion for health earned her the nickname of 'Dr. Aniston' by friends, which coincides with her wellness-centred side gigs with Vital Proteins, Smartwater, and more.

'I’m always up on the newest technology and [wondering] how can we improve our health in any way we can?' she continued. 'We’re all going to get older. We’re all headed to that exact same spot. But we can take care of our skin. We can have a healthy diet. We can drink lots of water.'

She wants to feel as young as possible, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to prioritising her looks in the same regard. Still, at 54, fans continue to tell the actress she has the same vitality she did on Friends—which first aired nearly 30 years ago.

'Listen—lovely compliment. But that’s a TV set they’re looking at,' she joked. 'If I tried to look the way I looked at 20, I would not really actually want to do that. It’s absolutely impossible.'

Instead, she leans into her current aesthetics, and of course, relies on go-to beauty and hair products. Prioritising a skin-loving practice is key but remember - you can’t buy a good night’s sleep.

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