Jenna Ortega performed autopsies on animals as a kid

Jenna Ortega described herself as a 'weirdo' credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenna Ortega described herself as a 'weirdo' credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenna Ortega used to "perform autopsies on little animals" as a child.

The 20-year-old star has reflected on her friendship with 'Dance Moms' star Maddie Ziegler - whom she starred alongside in 'The Fallout' - and insisted she feels like they are "the same person in different fonts" with the way they "instantly clicked" on set.

Appearing on Wired's 'Autocomplete Interview' series on YouTube, she said: "She's such a weirdo and I'm a weirdo in the way I used to perform autopsies on little animals when I was younger.

"Little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard. She's a weirdo in the sense that she breaks out into characters or movements or makes faces.

"Her comedic timing is so under appreciated. She makes me laugh. We have a good time. We're really weird together."

The 'Scream' actress - who plays the titular role of Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton's new supernatural series - also recalled making things awkward with Christina Ricci.

She worked with Ricci - who played the same character in 1991's 'The Addams Family' and its 1933 sequel - on the spooky Netflix series, and her sense of humour was sometimes a bit much.

She added: "I feel like I personally made it a little weird. She was really sweet about it.

"Me? It was one of the most awkward experiences I've ever had. I think, socially, I can be kind of hard to communicate with at times.

"And sometimes I would say something as a joke, and I think I have a very dark sense of humor, and she would go, 'Uh, that's dark.' "

Meanwhile, Christina recently claimed that "every generation" should have their own version of Wednesday.

The 42-year-old actress - who plays a new character in the Netflix show - said: "I love the spirit in which they were making the show. It really does retain a lot of the spirit of Wednesday - that dignity, that incredibly self-assured young girl who knows who she is and won't change or pander for other people.

"I think it's really great. Every generation should have their own Wednesday."