Jay Slater: TikTok star claims he has 'new clue' in 2-week search for missing teen

A savvy TikToker helping with the efforts to locate missing teen Jay Slater might have just stumbled upon a new lead, two weeks into the search for the 19 year old in Tenerife.

Jay, a bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, has been MIA on the holiday hotspot since Monday, June 17. On his first-ever vacay without his folks, Jay jetted off with mates Lucy and Brad for the NRG Tenerife Weekender music festival.

His last known location was at a rural Airbnb shared with a couple of gents. It's believed Jay missed his bus headed for the Southern part of the island - a fave with Brit holidaymakers.

Paul Arnott
Jay has been missing for weeks -Credit:Pixel8000

Just yesterday, however, Spanish police broke hearts by calling time on their official search after hitting a dead end.

But one man who hasn't given up is Paul Arnott. The TikTok sensation continues the hunt in Tenerife, and posted a video hinting that a pair of sunglasses might crack the case wide open.

In his upload, he shed light on the clues he's chasing: "Moving forward a lot of new things have come out due to interviews. There's quite a few things I'm gonna chase up today as well. One is a three words GPS. The other, apart from that, is a pair of sunglasses that were found by a man called Chris, who I'll be meeting up with later today."

Jay Slater
A big search is organised with Police and volunteer search and rescue specialists -Credit:Stan Kujawa

The Civil Guard rallied for one last search effort for Jay on Saturday, calling upon all emergency services and experienced volunteers to return to the main search site. Despite promises of a large-scale search by the police, TikToker Mr Arnott criticised the efforts as only a handful of volunteers joined approximately 30 emergency service members and professional rescuers.

Paul Arnott revealed that he immediately responded to the desperate appeals from Jay's family following his disappearance. He even cancelled a charity fundraiser to spend hundreds of pounds on a flight to the island, joining the search and rescue mission on June 22.

On Saturday, he posted a scathing TikTok video, labelling the official search a 'massive PR thing' before it was called off just a day later. Speaking on his account downtherapids, he said: "So, guys, I've literally been waiting for absolutely ages now. This is a massive PR thing, I'm telling you now. I'm gonna ask him in a second to take my name off the list. I'm just gonna go down there and do my thing. I'm gonna do that now, I think. Because there's people everywhere. Literally people everywhere and nobody's doing anything."

Jay Slater search
Jay Slater search

There's "no current evidence of criminality" in the case surrounding Jay Slater, according to information from an anonymous judicial source in Spain: "There is no evidence of criminality at this stage in this case. That's not to say things won't change because the case remains open and investigations are ongoing. But right now that's the situation."

The halting of the mountain search by police has prompted widespread speculation about whether authorities believe he is still in the vicinity of the Masca Gorge where the search initially deployed sniffer dogs, mountain rescue teams and a helicopter. Despite Jay's family suggesting he may be held captive somewhere, there's currently no concrete evidence supporting this claim.