Jason Momoa called his mum crying over revisiting See's final scene

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Jason Momoa had a little cry to his mother when he had to re-record the highly-charged last scene of his TV show See.

The third and final season of the Apple TV+ dystopian sci-fi drama, in which the 43-year-old plays warrior Baba Voss, is currently being shown on the streaming site.

In an interview with Collider, Jason revealed saying goodbye to the character was an emotional chapter in his career - especially as he had to go back and rerecord the vocals - known as looping - after filming had wrapped.

"I had to go back in, emotionally go through that rollercoaster and hit all the marks but all at the same time, give it 110 per cent," he told the outlet. "'Cause if I gave it any less, I would be f**king over everything that I worked hard for three seasons. So, I knew I was screwed. Went out, and I called my mom - like any man does, calls their mom - cry to my mom, be bummed out about it."

Next, Jason called artist Julian Schnabel, one of his close friends, who encouraged him to go in and give it everything he had.

"And I walk in, I do it. I'm just quiet," the Aquaman star continued. "I start going about it. And I emotionally go through it, do all the action, go through all the breathing, do everything I need to do. And I'm a f**king wreck. I'm emotionally drained. I say goodbye to Baba. I walk out to the car, and I'm hysterical for a very long time. For the rest of the day, it was brutal."

Despite the strong emotions attached to the final scene, Jason admitted that he can't wait for fans to see it and feels grateful the show got to end on its own terms.