Jane Fonda Initially Had Doubts About Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Relationship

"I don’t entirely know why, but I feel invested in you and Ben."

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Any good friend is going to bring the tough love when needed, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Well, Jennifer Lopez's Monster-in-Law co-star and pal Jane Fonda expressed her concern when Lopez reunited with her former fiancé Ben Affleck back in 2021.

Fonda, who makes a cameo in Lopez's new visual album This Is Me ... Now: A Love Story, explained why she was initially worried that Lopez and Affleck were being too public with their relationship.

“I want you to know that I don’t entirely know why, but I feel invested in you and Ben, and I really want this to work,” Fonda says to Lopez in the documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told (out on Feb. 27) about the making of the project, per Variety. “However, this is absurd. Like, it feels too much like you’re trying to prove something instead of just living it. You know, every other photograph is the two of you kissing and the two of you hugging.”

Lopez's response? “That’s just us living our life."

According to the publication, Fonda also goes to Lopez's longtime manager Benny Medina elsewhere in the documentary to express her feelings about the project and Lopez's decision to put her marriage out there for everyone to see.

“I believe that everyone in the entire world is pulling for this relationship and this love," Fonda says. "And the idea of how you present that is so sacrosanct, so important. It should be handled in a way that you aren’t overly flaunting it, so much so that it creates any form of criticism or resentment.”

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Despite originally being worried that the project would share too much insight into Affleck and Lopez's love story, Fonda agreed to play a member on J.Lo's "Zodiac love council" alongside Post Malone, Sofia Vergara, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Keke Palmer, and more.

The visual album, available for streaming on Prime Video Feb. 16, is meant to be both a literal and metaphorical telling of Lopez's journey finding love, all set to music from her new album.

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