Jamie Oliver's son, Buddy, shows off his impressive cooking skills

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Jamie Oliver's son Buddy shows off cooking skillsGetty Images

It would seem impressive cooking skills run deep in the Oliver family and Jamie Oliver’s son, Buddy, is proving so. In a sweet throwback video uploaded to Jamie’s Instagram page, the then 10-year-old can be seen whipping up some impressive fajitas up and they look absolutely delicious.

Uploading the video for his 9.3 million followers to watch, Jamie captioned the post: “Sharing another recipe from my boy Buddy that will make a great dinner tonight for you and the family that you can never go wrong with....fajitas!!! These are always a big hit in our house!”.

Speaking confidently to the camera, Buddy, who is now 12, shares his culinary tips, such as how to chop an onion properly, how much seasoning to add and what the essential toppings are. According to him they're corn salsa, yoghurt and cheese but we'd argue guac has to be in there somewhere, right?

Fans were delighted with the budding chef, commenting on his presentation skills and congratulating him on what a fantastic job he’s doing. Even some of Jamie’s famous friends commented, with supermodel Helena Christensen revealing she was amused by one of Buddy's joke about just how lethal chilli can be!

A keen cooking presenter in the making, earlier this month, Jamie also shared Buddy's recipe for the perfect tuna pasta which is both low-cost and super easy to whip up.

Will you try one of Buddy's meals?

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