Jamie Lee Curtis Posts Mirror Selfie in Short Shorts: ‘Acceptance of 65’

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Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Age in Gym SelfieSteve Granitz - Getty Images
  • Jamie Lee Curtis, 65, shared a gym mirror selfie on Instagram.

  • The snap was taken shortly after her 65th birthday.

  • “Back to it... ACCEPTANCE of 65,” she wrote.

Jamie Lee Curtis celebrated her 65th birthday and Thanksgiving. And what better way to cap off the occasion than with a morning workout, of course? Before breaking a sweat, the Halloween star shared a gym mirror selfie in which she rocked short shorts and an athletic long-sleeved top. “The morning after,” she wrote, presumably referencing Thanksgiving. “Back to it... ACCEPTANCE of 65.”

Fans and followers were so inspired by Curtis’ perspective. “You’re truly an inspiration to those of us who are your age! Beautiful! 😁,” one person commented. “🔥🔥🔥 60’s are full of new opportunities 💪💪💪,” another added. “You are truly a rock star! Thank you for normalizing aging so beautifully,” someone else wrote.

In her caption, Curtis tagged Nordic Body, a walking and fitness program that caters to training people over 50. The brand reshared her selfie, writing: “@jamieleecurtis You are beautiful and inspirational at any age. Honored and grateful to be your trainer. Keep up the great work 💪.”

In the past, Curtis hasn’t divulged too much else about her fitness routine. However, in 2021, OK Magazine reported that she alternates between yoga and Pilates. She also doesn’t underestimate the power of a neighborhood stroll. “I walk with girlfriends,” she said. “[It’s] incredibly good for you.” (It’s no Perfect-inspired ’80s aerobics routine, but it gets the job done!)

On her birthday, Curtis shared a few snapshots of how she spent the milestone—a 4:20 a.m. microwave selfie, getting her medicare card, meditating, and having cake. “65th birthday photo essay in four photos!” she captioned the post.

She’s clearly excited about living another year, which comes as no surprise. The actress spreads a pro-aging message every chance she gets. In fact, in July, she told audiences at San Diego Comic-Con that she refuses to let getting older slow her down. (See: Her extensive resume and IMDb updates over the last few years.) “I’m 65 years old this November,” she said, per People. “I have no time to waste. I joke about it, but I’m going to die way sooner than later, and therefore, I have sh*t to do!”

In that same vein, Curtis’ gusto is rooted in a phrase she has come to live by. “I have a motto now, as I am past that [Hollywood] sell-by date, which is, ‘If not now, when? If not me, who?’ I say it to myself every single day,” she told InStyle in 2022. “And after more than 40 years in the business, I am busier today than I have ever been in my entire life.”

And we couldn’t be happier for her. Happy birthday, Jamie!

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