James Middleton shares glimpse inside sprawling £1.45m family home

James Middleton and his wife Alizee
James posed the question of writing a book in 2023

James Middleton took to social media on Saturday with a rare glimpse into his vast £1.45 million family home in Berkshire.

The brother of Princess Kate, 36, lives at the countryside property with his wife, Alizeé Therevent, their six dogs Zulu, Inka, Luna, Mabel, Nala & Isla, and their son Inigo. Taking to his Instagram account for his company, Ella & Co, the dad of one filmed himself inside the country abode. See the full video below.

Alongside the image were the words: "Overwhelmed by the response to our brand new Kibble + Raw product! And right now it is 20% off at Waitrose [green heart emojis] take a look at the link in my bio. Any questions? Leave them below and I'll get back to you [point down emoji]."

In the video, James prepared one of his pooch's dinners at the lavish property and in the background of the clip, fans got a glimpse of the homely aesthetic he and his wife have designed. One shot showed the hardwood beams that contrasted the elegant off-white walls.

Four dogs watching over a baby in a pram
James has the most beautiful country garden (Instagram)

Fixed to the wall was a double lamp in a similar dark wooden hue, which had pretty green and white striped lampshades. Underneath the fixtures was a touching illustration of his beloved dogs, which appeared to include his late dog, Ella.

Other details of the family home showed stacked wooden tables as well as look at one of his four-legged friends cheekily perched on top of their dining room table which looks out on their sprawling garden.

James Middleton with a baby in a baby grow and four dogs
The space is perfect for walking his dogs (Instagram)

The country garden was showcased beautifully back in October when he announced the news of his son Inigo's birth. 

The sweet photos were shared on James' Instagram account and showed his new baby in his pram with all his fury siblings standing on the grey stone garden wall.

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A second photo showed James with Inigo in a baby bouncer on his front with the vibrant green grass cascading backwards as far as the eye could see. In the snap, James was surrounded by his dogs and despite the fact his aforementioned late dog Ella wasn't there to meet the baby, Inigo was pictured with a locket with Ella's face inside.

Ella was the inspiration behind his company Ella & Co which is the entrepreneur's dog food and lifestyle brand. Talking about Ella's impact on the brand he previously revealed: "Ella & Co was born out of my desire to give back to my loving dogs, to treat them with the highest quality food and make their lives as happy and healthy as they have made mine.

"This platform is a constant reminder of the beautiful journey I shared with Ella. I'm looking forward to continuing sharing Ella's legacy with you all, giving back to our amazing dogs, and recognising the important role they play in our lives, which I hope will make her proud."