James Middleton discusses how his dog helped him through depression

The entrepreneur, who is the brother of Kate, Princess of Wales, appeared on This Morning to discuss how his late pet helped with his mental health.

Credit: @thismorning Via Twitter / This Morning / ITV

Video transcript

JAMES MIDDLETON: It was one of those moments that I realized when I suffered from clinical depression, and I came to each and every one of my therapy sessions, and it was during that time, I started to recognize the power that she had or the influence that she had in helping me verbalize some of the thoughts that I was having.

But along with just being the consistent in my life at that time, when a lot of my friends and family and people around me were trying to help, and wanted to help, but it was difficult for me to let them help. But Ella would come with a shoe in her hand-- sorry in her hand, a shoe in her mouth. And it would be the suggestion of I want to go for a walk. You're coming for a walk with me.

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