James Haskell backs Prince Harry book: 'You can't let people keep walking over you'

James Haskell has said Prince Harry's book 'Spare' is important in allowing him to tell his truth.

Credit: @GMB / ‘Good Morning Britain’ / ITV

Video transcript

JAMES HASKELL: Look, in particular, it's very interesting because so many people in his position never get to comment. They never get to comment. And all of everything he says is always either down to what a journalist has interpreted, either what a sound bite is being edited because you saw, ironically, when his book was released or stolen, and then released.

Everybody jumped to conclusions. Everyone commented on stuff, and actually played into his narrative.

So, there now, he released his book that came out yesterday. And it means that now, his-- you see the whole context everything.

- But, James, so you--

- And I think what's interesting, James, is that you talk about the importance of actually not blaming the world for your problems, but looking into your own back garden. That's a conversation you could have with Harry because he doesn't accept any responsibility for anything that's gone wrong in his life. Everything's everyone else's fault.

JAMES HASKELL: I think-- but also, I think it's very important with that to get your own view and own narrative across. Worrying about things you control. He can only tell his story.

When you're a position like that, people always have comments. And you don't-- because you never complain, never explained. And everything is open to interpretation.

The very fact that, for example, two or three of the things he said taken out of context were sensationalized, shows exactly what he's saying. So that when you read the actual copy of the book, you realize that it's contextual. You realize it's his side of the story. And I think he's on a journey to worry about himself and what he wants to do, and he's put a marker down.