Jake Gyllenhaal Hangs out with Conor McGregor and Flaunts Ripped Physique at UFC 285

jake gyllenhaal and conor mcgregor
Jake Gyllenhaal Flaunts Ripped Physique at UFC 285Getty Images

When it comes to combat sport films, Jake Gyllenhaal does not mess about. Flaunting a shredded physique reminiscent of his legendary 2015 Southpaw transformation, the 42-year-old set the internet alight on Saturday night (4 March) with his appearance at UFC 285 in Las Vegas.

Videos of Gyllenhaal, who was spotted hanging out with Conor McGregor before entering the Octagon, show the actor filming a fight sequence and a weigh-in for the upcoming remake of the 1989 film Road House, in which he will play mixed martial artist Elwood Dalton, an ex-UFC fighter who takes a job working as a bouncer in the Florida Keys.

The videos show a ripped Gyllenhaal in skin-tight shorts facing off against former MMA fighter James Eiron’s character in the Octagon. The pair can be seen trading blows before Gyllenhaal’s character knocks Eiron over with a flying knee kick. The fight is then ended by the referee but Gyllenhaal’s character pushes the ref away and continues to unleash on an unconscious Eiron.

In a weigh-in scene shot on the previous night (Friday 3 March), which featured UFC president Dana White, a flexing Gyllenhaal and Eiron were seen exchanging trash talk before Gyllenhaal’s character fake slaps Eiron’s and the pair are separated.

In videos of the scene shot by fans, Gyllehaal’s character can be heard saying: ‘Man, this fucker just makes me laugh. He’s a fucking joke [...] I can’t even believe I trained six weeks for this shit. Just give me the belt now.’

Responding to a question about Gyllenhaal’s physique after the filming, Dana White said: ‘Listen, what can I say, he looks good. I don’t think he’s been USADA tested, but he looks great.’

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